Telugu Baby girl names – Sri along with their meaning

If you are looking for a name for your child that begins with ‘Sri’ then you are at the right place. First of all, heartiest congratulations to your newborn baby girly, and may God bless her with loads of happiness and success. Having a baby is a wonderful gift as it gives joy to parents and also adds a sense of responsibility.

Baby names teluguThere is nothing better than feeling great when your child succeeds in life. Names are very important as they contain meaning for individuals and also define their personalities. The following list provides the names of baby girls starting with ‘Sri’ and the definition of each term. We hope you have a great time naming your baby girl!

S. No. Name Meaning
1 Sri Sri means light, prosperity
2 Sria Sria means joy
3 Sribhuvana Sribhuvana another name of Goddess Lakshmi
4 Sriu Sriu means heart
5 Srichaitra Srichaitra means beginning
6 Sricharani Sricharani means Goddess Lakshmi’s feet
7 Sridatri Sridatri is another name of Goddess Lakshmi, means divine
8 Srideepthi Srideepthi means illumination
9 Srida Srida means bestow
10 Sridharshna Sridharshna means religious
11 Sridrutha Sridrutha means god’s form
12 Sriga Sriga is another name for Goddess Lakshmi
13 Sridevi Sridevi also means divine
14 Sriha Sriha means flower, bloom
15 Srihanshi Srihanshi is another name of Goddess Lakshmi
16 Sriharini Sriharini is Padmanabhan’s wife
17 Sriharinii Sriharinii is another name of  Padmanabhan’s wife
18 Sriharsha Sriharsha means happiness
19 Sriharshini Sriharshini means girl
20 Srihitha Srihitha means concerned
21 Srihita Srihita means welfare
22 Sriida Sriida means prosperity
23 Srija Srija is the daughter of Goddess Lakshmi
24 Srilu Water Fall; Beautiful. Origin
25 Srijana Srijana means creation
26 Srijani Srijani means creativity
27 Srijita Srijita means win
28 Srijla Srijla means beautiful
29 Srik Srik means lover of wealth
30 Srika Srika means sun child
31 Srikanya Srikanya means daughter
32 Srilakshmi Srilakshmi is another name for Goddess Lakshmi
33 Srilatha Srilatha means wealthy
34 Srimanta Srimanta was the name of an ancient Bengali with large following among the masses
35 Srimati Srimati means fortunate
36 Srimayee Srimayee means lucky
37 Srinidhi Srinidhi means treasure
38 Srinika Srinika means lotus
39 Srinisha Srinisha means beauty
40 Srinitha Srinitha means prosperity
41 Srinithi Srinithi means good
42 Sripada Sripada means flower
43 Sriparna Sriparna means tree with leaves
44 Sriprada Sriprada is another name for Goddess Saraswati
45 Sripriya Sripriya means beautiful girl
46 Sripi Sripi refers to flowers devoted to God
47 Srirudra Srirudra means divine
48 Srirupa Srirupa means beauty
49 Srisha Srisha means flower
50 Srishti Srishti means creation
51 Srishtii Srishtii refers to the creator of the universe
52 Sritika Sritika refers to the creator
53 Srithanvi Srithanvi is another name of Goddess Lakshmi
54 Srithanya Srithanya means lucky
55 Srishty Srishty means nature, earth
56 Sristi Sristi means creator
57 Sritha Sritha means dressed
58 Srivalli Srivalli means is another name for Goddess Lakshmi
59 Srivani Srivani means fire
60 Srivarsha Srivarsha is another name of Goddess Lakshmi
61 Srividhva Srividhva is also another name of Goddess Lakshmi
62 Srivijaya Srivijaya means auspicious victory
63 Srivithya Srivithya means knowledge
64 Srivatsa Srivatsa means beloved
65 Srividhya Srividhya is another name for Goddess Lakshmi
66 Srividya Srividya is another name for Goddess Saraswati
67 Sriya Sriya means best, excellent
68 Sriyansi Sriyansi means great
69 Sriyanvi Sriyanvi is another name of Goddess Lakshmi
70 Sriyutha Sriyutha means wise lady
71 Srichitra Srichitra means radiance
72 Sridhanya Sridhanya means a wealthy woman
73 Srijyothi Srijyothi means auspicious

Finally, we have come to an end with baby girl names starting with ‘Sri’. These were all that we were able to collect from various sources such as books and credible websites. We hope you enjoyed reading all the names and you might want to keep your child’s name with Sri.

Even if this list didn’t provide you with a name for your baby girl, you may have come across some new vocabulary for your daily use, haha. If you haven’t found what you were looking for, try changing the letter.

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