Baby girl Names in Telugu starting with M

Are you looking for a cute, popular, and unique name for your baby girl? Don’t fret, we have got you covered. Finding the perfect match could be a daunting task. So here we are to navigate you through this happy, yet difficult phase of your life as a parent.

We know that this is an overwhelming task as a name is not just for a day, it’s big, it’s for life and there is no going back once decided, (you could but well not a road you want to walk through) There are people who believe that names have an everlasting effect on the baby’s growing phase and personality. And that is indeed true to some extent as we have seen time and over again how a child likes to be called by her name and is proud of it. Baby Girl Names in Telugu starting with M

Names with positive and significant meanings also aid to create positive energy around the child and she feels entitled to it. We here have cataloged a list of Modern Baby names with the significance attached to it. This list contains the names of baby girls starting with the letter “M”. So go through the whole list if that’s what you are looking for. The purpose of this list is to aid the parents in opting for the best name for their newborn baby. Adorn your baby girl with the precious name she deserves. Good luck with your search! May you land up on the best name for your cute little princess.


Manya Worthy of honor; importance
Mamta Love; affection; motherly love
Manvi Humanly; peace of mind; Goddess of Saraswati
Mahek Fragrance; Good/pleasant smell
Misha Like the Lord; smile; Lord Krishna’s Devotee; Variant of Melissa; Feminine of Michael
Mahima Greatness; glorious; miracle; fame
Maitri friendship
Monika A wise counselor; advice; intellectual; Goddess Durga
Madhavi Sweet; honey; A creeper with beautiful flowers; Born in springtime
Manusri Goddess Lakshmi; Goddess Saraswati
Manvita Most respectable
Manvika As a human being
Mohitha Angel of God
Monisha Wisdom; Knowledge; talent; sweet
Mridula Soft; delicate women
Mrinali Lotus stem; Goddess Lakshmi
Mriduni Mild; soft; gentle
Muskaan Smiling; a symbol of happiness
Mahadevi Goddess Durga
Madubala Sweet girl
Maheesha The world
Mahasree Goddess Lakshmi
Maitrika Friendship
Malavika Princess of Malawi; most beautiful
Manasvee Intelligent; life
Maneesha Desire; intellect; goddess of wish
Manimala String of pearls
Manorama Interactive; attractive; beautiful
Megamala Array of clouds
Mayurika Peacock feathers
Medhaswi Goddess Saraswati; wisdom
Manyusha Diamond rays
Minal Precious gemstone
Matrika Mother name of Goddess
Mananya Deserving praises praiseworthy
Mudita Happy; delighted; satisfied
Mohana Attractive; charming; beautiful
Mishika Love of God
Meenal Precious gemstone
Manorita The desire of the mind
Madhurima Sweetness
Madhuika Sweet; honey
Mahanandi Name of a raga
Mahavidya Supreme knowledge
Malika Queen; daughter
Mandakini A tribute to river Ganga
Manadana Cheerful; happy
Mangalya Pure; pious
Manishika Intelligence; consideration
Manoranjana Entertaining; pleasing
Madhu Honey; sweet; beautiful girl
Maina A bird
Mansi Behold of any beautiful scene; internal beauty
Miraa A devotee of Lord Krishna
Manyata Principles; belief
Melinda Grateful; gentle
Monvita Blessed child
Moxitha Liberated; salvation
Mridini Goddess Parvati
Mudrika Ring
Munisha Lovely; attractive; beautiful
Munjula Goddess Parvati
Mythili Goddess Sita; princess of Mithila
Madhangi Goddess Durga
Madhurya Pleasant night
Madhusri Beautiful Spring
Madulika Sweet
Madanika Excited; energetic
Mahadevi Goddess Durga
Mahinder God of Gods
Maheesha The world; the earth
Mahasree Goddess Lakshmi
Maheshwari Consort of Lord Shiva
Maheilya Happy; Jubilant
Mahijuba A hostess
Maharshi Great sage
Maitrika Friendly; friendship
Manditha Adorned
Manassvi The one which controls the mind
Manglika auspicious
Manisila A jeweled stone
Manjulla Charming; soft; melodious
Manohari Steals the heart of others
Manoghna Desired; capability to make others happy
Manthana To extract
Marudham From the lush green fields
Mokshika To find a good soul
Mokshini Freedom from birth
Mridilla Tenderness; gentle; soft
Mrigisha The one who likes deer
Mrittika Mother Earth; goddess of earth
Mukulika A small blossom
Mukulita Closed like a bud
Mukundha Giver of freedom
Muralika A little flute
Mythrae Daughter of Vedas
Madhushri Beauty of spring
Madhusmit One with a sweet smile
Madhuveni One with a sweet voice; well-spoken
Maleswari Fragrance; queen of rose
Manaswani Music of Mind
Mandakini Name of a River
Manideepa A Lamp of Precious Stones
Manmohini Enticer of Mind / Heart; Attractive; Charming; Gorgeous; Pleasing;
Manopriya Lovely to the Soul
Manushika Humanity; Woman; Goddess Laxmi
Meenakshi A Water Fish; Eye; One with Fish Shaped Eyes; Goddess Parvati; Goddess Sita
Mrigakshi One with Deer-like Beautiful Eyes
Mrinalika The stem of Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi
Madhupriya Fond of Honey; Lover of Honey
Madhuurima Sweetness; Charming; Honey; Nectar
Maduravani One with Sweet Voice
Maheshmati God of Love; Lord Shiva; A Great Ruler
Malliswari Queen of Jasmine Fragrance
Moukshitha Free; Liberated; Salvation
Madhuvanthi Sweet; One who is Sweet like Honey
Mithravinda Friendly and Nice Girl
Madhuchhanda Sweet Rhythm; Pleasing Metrical Composition
Mani Gem Diamond; A Jewel; Mantra for Understanding; Heaven
Mana Supernatural Power; Love; Alike; Similar; Name of a God; Affection; Psychic Gift
Mahi Earth; The World; Great Earth; Heaven and Earth Conjoined
Mala Pendant; Necklace; Garland; Row; Line; String
Myra Swift and Light; Wonderful; Quiet Song; Myrrh; A Fragrant Resin Obtained from a Tree; Sweet Ointment; Honey; Beloved;
Marya Beauty; Mark; Limit; Beloved
Minaz Sweet; Wish; Desire; Love of God
Meher Benevolence; Moon; Sweet Smell; Aura; Blessings; Good Friend
Minal Gem; A Precious Stone; Like a Diamond; Truthful; Union; Achievement; Fruit; Gift
Mithu Friend; Sweet; Parrot; Beautiful
Mohar Gold Coins; Type of an Extreme Auspicious Treasury – Currency; Coin in Ancient Time
Morya Leader; One who Leads; A Famous Devotee of Lord Ganesha in the Fourteenth Century
Mrida God of Mercy; Name from Shiva Purana
Mradu Dainty; Soft; Smooth; Mellow; Delicately Small and Pretty; Free from Harshness
Mukta Get Rid of Everything; Liberated; Pearl
Mudra Healing Hand Movement; Expression
Mysha A Happy Mood; Happy for Entire Life
Madina Land of Beauty; From the High Tower
Mahati Great Power; Grace of God; Name of a Raaga; The Consummation of Glory; Name of Narada Maharshi’s Thamboora
Mahira Supremely Talented; Gifted; Expert; Lively
Mahiya Lover; Someone whom You Love; Joy
Maisha Grace; Desirable as the Moon; Flexible; Life
Maliki Imitating; Rivalling; Work; Queen
Manavi Humanity; Daughter of Man
Manika Money; Honored; Gems; Precious Jewel; Of Jewels
Manini Self-Respected; A Lady; Nobel; Women
Manoja Born of the Mind; Beautiful
Mantra Hymns; Holy Chants
Mayuri The beauty of Peacock; Pigeon with Sweet Voice
Medhya Mighty; Clean; Fresh
Meghna Cloud; Sky; River Gangas; Clouds of Rain; Rain Drops
Mitali Friendship; Lovely; Beautiful; Angels Daughter
Mohini Most Beautiful; Bewitching; Enchantress; Most Attractive; One who Attracts
Moulya Together; Precious
Mullai Flower with Lovely Fragrance
Maahira Supremely Talented
Maahiya Someone whom You Love; Joy; Lover
Madhuja Made of Honey
Mahisri Goddess Lakshmi
Malinie Having a Garland
Manjari Bunch of Flower; The Sacred Basil; Blossom; A Bunch
Mea One who is like God
Manu One of the mind; desirable; bird of the night
Mily A meeting; beautiful; faithful guard
Maya Illusion; A princess; To increase; wealth; dream; money; Goddess Durga
Mira A Devotee of Lord Krishna; Admirable; wonderful; high-born girl; prosperous.

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