Baby girl names in Telugu starting with K and their meanings

Every parent when blessed with a child desires to give their best to them. One such thing is naming the child. They look for cute, unique names with beautiful meanings, and such a task can be hectic at times. So to help you out with the whole naming process, we have collated data at one place regarding baby girls’ names starting with K in Telugu with their meanings. Have fun naming!

Baby names telugu

Name Meaning Note
Kahini Kahini means youthful, loving and young, and spirited. Girls with the name Kahini have a tranquil and serene personality who love to meditate. They are loving and have an interest in art. They are creative and love to explore and discuss things with people. They love to attire and listen to music and are confident about themselves. They have a courteous nature and love to help others. They are perfect in themselves.
Kaajal Kaajal means Surma or Muscara. It is applied to girls and women on eyeliners. It is called eyeliner in English. People with the name Kaajal are enlighteners. They are very ambitious and oriented in whatever they do. They are extremely amicable and love to make friends and keep everyone around them happy and sound. But because these people are freethinkers, they overthink a lot and hence are a little heady.
Kaakali Kaakali means the melodious chirping of birds or a musical instrument. People with the name Kaakali are very compassionate and are all about enlightenment. They are more logical thinkers and introspective. They hate doing physical work. They are more inclined towards religion, spirituality, serenity, versatility, and perfection. They love nature and are hence very tranquil.
Kaalaka It means Dark, Flawed gold, Earth, perfumed. It is another name for ‘Durga’. People with the name Kaalaka enjoy a peaceful ambiance. They are unique in their own way, hence very individualistic. They love teaching and analytical concepts.
Kaalaratri Kaalaratri means a Goddess who is as black as night. People with their names as Kaalaratri believe in religion and wisdom. They are very cooperative and love to work in a team. However, this makes them a little dependent upon others. But they perform exceptionally well in the team.
Kaali Kaali means destroyer, night and dark, Durga in her terrifying form. People with their name as Kaali are like a bird willing to soar as high as they can. They enjoy freedom. They are artistic and intellectual but are a bit careless in terms of money. They are adventurous, carefree, resourceful, and decisive.
Kaama The name Kaama means desired, loved, and cherished. The people named Kaama are collaborative and harmonious. They are super charming, very generous, great healer, and highly intellectual.
Kaamada Kaamada means generous and gentle. People with the name Kaamada are exceptionally strong, both in terms of physique and mental. They have great leadership skills. They are always open to exploring new avenues and areas to improve themselves. But they sometimes may seem arrogant and self-centered, but this is all because they believe in personal growth.
Kaamana Kaamana means a desire for something People with the name Kaamana have an inborn shyness which they try to overcome. They wish to gain confidence for which they work real hard. They have charismatic and gentle personalities. They are intuitive and highly sensitive.
Kaamika Kaamika means someone who is desired People named Kaamika are super bold and rigid. They are materialistic and love leading others and possessing authority. Being highly efficient, good planners, and extra good at business, they are very trustworthy.
Kaamiya Kaamiya means extremely beautiful and capable. People with their names as Kaamiya are workaholics and materialistic at the same time. They are very cautious, loyal, and pragmatic. They invest their time only in things that will give them tested results.
Kaamodi The name Kaamodi means exciting. As the name suggests, these people themselves are highly restless and love to create new things. They are domineering and pushy. They are sometimes arrogant but are really independent. Apart from being mentally strong, they are physically well built too.
Kaanchana Kaanchana means pure gold. Kaanchana named people to love exploring, change, and adventuring. They are very functional, astute, and intellectual. They might overindulge themselves in intoxicants. They are highly sociable and versatile.
Kaamita The name Kaamita means desired. People with the name Kaamita are highly intellectual, hence super good at business skills. They believe in religion and are tenacious and ambitious. They have team-building skills which gains them much confidence in themselves.
Kaanchi Kaanchi means brilliant, a waistband, and is also a pilgrimage center in the South. People with their names as Kaanchi love being independent and loved. They are optimistic, humane, kind-hearted, and philanthropic. They are functional and have open minds. Can be rebellious and ill-tempered sometimes.
Kaanta Kaanta means adored, earth, and fragrant. People with their names as Kaanta love art and music. They have a good taste in both of them. They cannot tolerate restraint and hence live being and hence love being set free. They might be impulsive sometimes but are always determined.
Kaarthika The name Kaarthika means Kaarthik. These people are very resourceful and versatile. They are intellectuals with creative skills but overindulge themselves in gambling and intoxicants. They are functional and decisive by nature.
Kaarthisha The name Kaarthika means glow. As the name suggests, people with this name are always glowing in front of someone because they love to talk and socialize. They have their hearts brimming with love for children and pets. They are a jack of all trades and love doing everything.
Kaartiki Kaartiki means light, devout and divine. These people love music and appreciate quality. They enjoy peaceful places and a serene ambiance. They are domestic and loving who encourages them to work together as a team.
Kahta The name Kahta means pure in Greek, and in Hindi, it means a story told by a priest. People with the name Kahta are jovial to another extent. They are the life of the party and amazing mood uplifters. They are conscientious and zealous.
Kaashi Kaashi means a devotional place, pilgrimage spots, or a holy city People with the name Kaashi have a very pleasing personality. They work hard in a gentle manner and are very sensitive. Initially, they are born with nervous energy, but they work hard on gaining confidence.
Kaavya Kaavya means poetry that is in motion People with the name Kaavya are adamant and hypersensitive. They might also be rude at times. They are determined but dependable. They are organized and love orderliness. They are practical about things and loyal to their people.

This will be it for Girls’ names starting with K for today. Stay tuned for more such articles where we will be covering other letters too along with the meaning for every name

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