Baby girl names starting with O and their meaning

Don’t know what to name your child? Confused? Don’t worry we have got you covered. This article focuses on baby girl names starting with the letter O. According to the Bible, the family was created by God, and children are considered gifts. Having a baby is a wonderful gift as it gives joy to parents and also adds a sense of responsibility.

Baby girl names and their meaningsThere is nothing better than feeling great when your child succeeds in life. While the first thing that parents love to do is name their child way before its birth, this is a good activity that brings out positivity and helps parents to be mentally prepared and tackle any challenges that come about.

Names are very important as they contain meaning for individuals and also define their personalities. The following list provides the names of baby girls starting with the letter ‘O’ and the definition of each term. We hope you have a great time naming your baby girl!

Name Meaning
Oba Oba is the other word for cluster and the name of an ancient river goddess
Odathi Odathi means something that is refreshing
Oditi Oditi refers to dawn
Oeshi Oeshi is another name for rose and also means divine
Oindrila Oindrila is another name for the wife of Indra, god of rain
Oishani Oishani is another name for the Parvati
Oja Oja refers to vitality which is the state of having strength, courageous
Ojal Ojal refers to someone who is visionary, it means splendor
Omna Omna refers to someone who is pure
Ooha Ooha means a dream, imagination
Ojasini Ojasini refers to someone who is energetic, vigorous
Ojaswee Ojaswee refers to someone full of light, who shines
Ojayati Ojayati refers to someone having vital energy
Ojayita Ojayita refers to a person who behaves courageously
Ojasvi Ojasvi means bright
Ojaswani Ojaswani refers to someone who sings all day long
Ojaswi Ojaswi also means bright
Ojaswini Ojaswini is someone who is lustrous, bright
Ojaswita Ojaswita is a person symbolic of brightness
Olevia Olevia refers to someone like olive
Oma Oma refers to a leader, friend, and a well-spoken person
Omaira Omaira is a star
Omaja Omaja is a result of spiritual unity
Omakshi Omakshi means auspicious eyed
Omala Omala means earth
Omana Omana refers to a lady, woman, and tender
Omika Omika is a kind person
Omisha Omisha is the name of the goddess of birth and death
Omkareshwari Omkareshwari is another name for Gauri, goddess Parvati
Omkari Omkari refers to the religious word ‘om’
Omvati Omvati is someone sacred, having the power of om
Omyawati Omyawati refers to someone who is helping, favourable
Omysha Omysha means smile
Onalika Onalika means image
Oni Oni means shelter
Oorja Oorja means energy
Oorjitha Oorjitha refers to someone who is powerful
Orana Orana means the moon
Orpita Orpita means offering
Oshadhi Oshadhi means medicine, the herb that heals
Oshee Oshee means divine
Oshma Oshma refers to the summer season
Oshmi Oshmi means personality
Ovia Ovia refers to an artist, painting
Oviya Oviya also refers to a beautiful drawing
Oyshee Oyshee is another term for divine and rose

Finally, we have come to an end with baby girl names starting with the letter ‘O’. These were all that we were able to collect from various sources and we hope you enjoyed reading all the names and would want to keep your child’s name with this letter.

Even if this list didn’t provide you with a name for your baby girl, you may have come across some new vocabulary for your daily use, haha. Hope to see you soon for the next article!

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