Baby girl names starting with Dee and their meaning

Confused about what to name your child? Don’t worry we have got you covered. This article focuses on the list of baby girl names starting with Dee. According to the Bible, the family was created by God, and children are considered gifts. Having a baby is a wonderful gift as it gives joy to parents and also adds a sense of responsibility.

Baby names in teluguThere is nothing better than feeling great when your child succeeds in life. While the first thing that parents love to do is name their child way before its birth, this is a good activity that brings out positivity and helps parents be mentally prepared and tackle any challenges. Names are very important as they contain meaning for individuals and also define their personalities.

The following list provides the names of baby girls starting with the letter ‘Dee’ and the definition of each term. We hope you have a great time naming your baby girl!

Name Meaning
Dee Dee means mother
Deep Deep means lamp
Deena Deena means divine
Deepa Deepa means dedicated
Deepu Deepu means light
Deeta Deeta is another name of Goddess Lakshmi
Deepna Deepna is another name of Goddess Lakshmi
Deepti Deepti means enlightening
Deetya Deetya is another name of Goddess Lakshmi
Deeksha Deeksha means initiation
Deema Deema means cloud
Deemahi Deemahi means intelligent
Deempal Deempal refers to a smiling person
Deena Deena means divine
Deepali Deepali means collection
Deepika Deepika means a small lamp
Deepthi Deepthi means flame
Deepthy Deepthy means light
Deepthika Deepthika means a beam of light
Deergha Deergha refers to an individual with long life
Deestha Deestha means perseverance
Deevena Deevena means blessing
Deedipya Deedipya means bright
Deeba Deeba means eye
Deekanya Deekanya means brave
Deekshta Deekshta means holy
Deebasri Deebasri means silk
Deekshya Deekshya means holy teachings
Deepanti Deepanti means ray of light
Deepanya Deepanya means lamp
Deepmala Deepmala means row of lights
Deemshri Deemshri means light
Deeptika Deeptika means lamp
Deeshika Deeshika means to view
Deekshika Deekshika refers to a talkative person
Deekshita Deekshita means to initiate
Deepanshi Deepanshi means brightness
Deepshika Deepshika means edge
Deepshita Deepshita refers to something full of colors
Deepsitha Deepsitha means moonlight
Deeshitha Deeshitha refers to a focused person
Deevanshi Deevanshi means to endow
Deekhsitha Deekhsitha means to initiate, expert
Deekshitha Deekshitha means to concentrate
Deepanwita Deepanwita refers to Diwali, something lit by a lamp
Deepeswari Deepeswari refers to Goddess of Light
Deepakshita Deepakshita means bright-eyed
Deepanvitha Deepanvitha refers to a group of lights
Deepanwitha Deepanwitha refers to a combination of different colored lights
Deenah Deenah means obedience
Deepakala Deepakala means evening
Deepal Deepal means light
Deepana Deepana means illumination
Deeparu Deeparu means modesty
Deepashri Deepashri means light
Deepavali Deepavali means a row of lamps
Deepta Deepta means bright red
Deeptha Deeptha means shining
Deesha Deesha means direction
Deeshna Deeshna means offering
Deeher Deeher means strength
Deenal Deenal means sweet girl
Deepapriya Deepapriya means to light a lamp
Deepabali Deepabali means row of lamps
Deepakshi Deepakshi means bright eyes
Deepani Deepani means bright
Deepanjali Deepanjali refers to offering worship
Deepansha Deepansha refers to the light of a lamp
Deepaprabha Deepaprabha means luster of lamps
Deeparisha Deeparisha means beautiful girl
Deepasakthi Deepasakthi means the power of light
Deepashikha Deepashikha means flame
Deepavati Deepavati refers to an individual with a lamp

Finally, we have come to an end with baby girl names starting with ‘Dee’. These were all that we were able to collect from various sources and we hope you enjoyed reading all the names and would want to keep your child’s name with this letter.

Even if this list didn’t provide you with a name for your baby girl, you may have come across some new vocabulary for your daily use, haha. If your search for your baby girl’s name hasn’t ended, you might try changing the letter.

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