Baby boy names in Telugu starting with C and their meanings 

A baby is a blessing and as said a gift from heaven. They come into your life and your whole life from there on takes a sudden turn. Their cute little smile can brighten up your day and relieve you from whatever was holding you back to enjoy your life.

Now with being a parent means you also have a lot of responsibility. And the first and foremost task that is entrusted to you is to choose a name for your baby.

Baby names in telugu and their meaningThis is the first gift that you provide your child with, which will stay throughout their life. So you certainly don’t want to mess up on this one. We know you may be apprehensive and would have taken suggestions from every other person alive and possibly have gone through tons of websites before stumbling onto this one.

Fortunately, you have come to the right place. We are here to guide you and assist you to settle on the perfect choice. We have compiled a list of baby names for your baby.

These names listed below are for baby boys and start with the initial “C”. If you are someone who wants to name their baby boy with this letter, then don’t wait, we know this could be an overwhelming task but relax and go through them calmly and patiently.

We assure you this is going to help you a lot and who knows it may have what you are looking for. Remember every name is unique to every child and we are sure that you are going to do a good job. All our best wishes to you.


1 Cabir The Great; Powerful; Leader
2 Chand Moon; Shining Moon
3 Chakor A Bird Enamoured of the Moon
4 Chahel A Good Cheer
5 Chanak Father of Chanakya
6 Charak An Ancient Physician; One of the Founders of Ayurveda
7 Chaman A Flowering Garden; the Lord of the Earth
8 Chetan Full of Spirit; Perceptive; Consciousness; Life
9 Chirag Lamp; Light
10 Chinar Name of a Beautiful Tree
11 Chittu Thoughtful; Mind; Consciousness
12 Chohan A King; Lord of Dharma
13 Chaithu Power of Intellect; Alert; Awake
14 Chaitra Absorbed in Pleasure; As Pleasant as the Spring
15 Chakran Same as Lord Vishnu
16 Chanchu Renowned; Celebrated; Clever
17 Chandra The Moon; A Shining Moon; Night of Twilight
18 Chathan Full of Energy; Active; Consciousness
19 Chinmay Full of Knowledge; Blissful; Pride; Supreme Consciousness; Name of Ganesha; First Ray of Sun
20 Charuth One Having a Very Clean Character
21 Chethan Consciousness; Energy; Perceptive; Active; Charming
22 Chintya One who is Worthy of Thought
23 Chitesh The Lord of the Soul
24 Chirayu One with a Long Life; Immortal
25 Chaitvik Meditative; Adorable; Calmness
26 Chaitany Divine Radiance; Life; Knowledge; Consciousness
27 Chanchal One who is Restless; Lively
28 Charvesh Derived from Charu
29 Chandrak Pleasing; Moon; Peacock Feather
30 Charvith Intelligent; Clever
31 Chithvik The Moon
32 Chiranth Eternal; Live Long; Immortal
33 Chitresh The Moon; Wonderful Lord
34 Chithayu One who is Born of Intellect
35 Chitresh Moon; Wonderful Lord
36 Chittesh Lord of the Soul; Ruler of Mind
37 Chandresh The ord of the Moon; Lord Shiva
38 Chandidas Name of a Saint; Devotee of Chandi Devi
39 Charanjit One who has Won over the God
40 Charanram Lord Gift
41 Charudatt One Born of Beauty
42 Charuvrat One Of Good Character
43 Charukesa Responsible, Loving, Self Protective and Compassionate
44 Chaturvin One who is Clever
45 Chidvilas One Sporting in Knowledge; The Maya / Leela of God who is Knowledge Incarnate
46 Chidanand The Supreme Spirit; Lord Brahma
47 Chitransh Artist; Part of Big Picture
48 Chitraksh The Beautiful Eyed
49 Chitrasen A King of Gandharvas
50 Chandrabha The Luster of Moon Light
51 Chandransh A Part of Moon; Moonlight; Bright Side of Moon
52 Charanjeet Winning the Service of Guru’s Lotus Feet; One who has Won over the Lord
53 Charitarth Personality; Character
54 Chinna-Rao Little King
55 Chiranjeev Lord Vishnu; Immortal; Long Lived
56 Chitranshu Part of the Picture
57 Chitragupt The God of Destiny
58 Chandrajeeth The Winner of Moon
59 Chandrahaas Smiling like a Moon
60 Chakravartee A Sovereign King
61 Charuhas With a beautiful smile
62 Charudatta One Born with beauty
63 Charukesh One bornWith beautiful hairs
64 Chikit The Experienced Wise Liberal
65 Charun One born with beautiful eyes
66 Chirtrang With multicolored body
67 Ceyone Rising Sun
68 Chittaprasad Happiness
69 Chezian Graceful
70 Chunmay Supreme consciousness
71 Chetananand Supreme Joy
72 Chidakash The Absolute Brahma
73 Charan A humble person
74 chinar Name of a beautiful tree
75 chithayu Born of intellect
76 Chakor A bird that loves the moon
77 Chakradhar One who carries Chakra (Krishna, Vishnu)
78 Chakravartee A sovereign king
79 Chandradatt Gift from the moon
80 Chandrakant A gem related to moon
81 Chandramohan Attractive like the moon
82 Chandrashekhar One who holds moon in his hair knot
83 Chane The name of a god, dependability
84 Charanjit The one who has won over the lord
85 Chaturanan The one with four heads i.e. Lord Brahma
86 Chaturbhuj The strong, broad shouldered
87 Chaturvedi The one who knows all the 4 Vedas
88 Chetak Rana Pratap’s horse
89 Chidambar One whose heart is as grand as the sky
90 Chinmay Full of knowledge, happiness
91 Chintamani Philosopher’s stone, a wishing stone ( gem )
92 Chitragupta Lord Yama’s helper who is records all deeds
93 Chitrasen A king of Gandharvas
94 Chittaranjan The one who pleases the mind
95 Chyavan The name of a saint
96 Chittesh The lord of the soul
97 Chittaswarup The supreme spirit
98 Chitraketu With beautiful banner
99 Chitragupt The God of destiny
100 Chiranjeev Long lived, immortal
101 Chitrabaahu One with beautiful hand
102 Chahel Good cheer
103 Chakrapaani name of Lord Vishnu
104 Chaman A flowering garden
105 Chandavarman An old King
106 Chandraabhaa Luster of moonlight
107 Chandrabhaga River Chenab
108 Chandradhar One who wears moon i.e. Lord Shiva
109 Chandrahas The bow of Lord Shiva
110 Chapal Clever, restless; lightning
111 Cheluva One Looking handsome
112 Chirag The Brilliance Lamp
113 Chitransh Artist
114 Charith Dear History
115 Chala Ever-moving; Supreme being
116 Chatha Finality; Completion; From Ngoni
117 Chethu Power of Intellect
118 Chinna Small; Little One; Gold
119 Chaitra Absorbed in Pleasure; As Pleasant as the Spring; First Month of the Year
120 Charvik Handsome; Smartness; Cute; Intelligent
121 Chinmay Full of Knowledge; Blissful; Pride; Supreme Consciousness; Name of Ganesha; First Ray of Sun
122 Chitesh The Lord of the Soul
123 Chaitvik Meditative; Adorable; Calmness
124 Cheliyan Rich; Resourceful; Prosperous
125 Chhandak The Charioteer of Lord Buddha
126 Chitendu A Lover who Lives in the Heart
127 Chakshith God; Eyes of Kindness; Growth
128 Chandidas Name of a Saint; Devotee of Chandi Devi
129 Chandresh Lord of the Moon; Lord Shiva
130 Charukesa Responsible, Loving, Self Protective and Compassionate
131 Chudamani Jewel Adorned by the Gods; Crest Jewel
132 Chaithwick Bright; Belonging to Thought
133 Chakrapani Love; Discus Holder; Lord Vishnu
134 Chandratha The Nectar of the Moon
135 Charusheel One Of Good Character
136 Charanjeet Winning the Service of Guru’s Lotus Feet; One who has Won over the Lord
137 Chatrapati Saviour of All; The Chief; Lord of Umbrella
138 Charanteja Light of Lords Feet
139 Chira Long Time Leave; Permanently
140 Charan Feet; A Humble Person; God’s Feet
141 Chohan King; Lord of Dharma
142 Chaitra Absorbed in Pleasure; As Pleasant as the Spring; First Month of the Year
143 Chitranshu Part of the Picture
144 Chitraketu Son of Lakshman; With Beautiful Banner
145 Chittibabu Small Child; Laddu; Lord Vinayak
146 Chandragupt Bala Kotaswar; Name of Ancient King
147 Chandradeva The Moon Personified as Deity
148 Chandrakant Beloved of the Moon; Moonstone
149 Chandrakanth A Moon which has Magnetic Power; Loved by the Moon
150 ChandraMauli Lord Shiva; Moon Crowned

Message from our side to the readers

So that brings us to the end of a pretty long list. We are sure we have helped you in your conquest of finding the name of your little baby boy. Babies are a treasure to behold, and now you have acquired this treasure and made them your own, not only that but you have named your treasure and we are definite that this treasure will bring you ultimate joy and happiness.

Everyone is going to love your baby’s name, you have done a fantastic job. Congratulations on becoming a parent, and best wishes for all your future endeavors. Keep surfing through our website for the latest updates and unique content. We are glad to have helped you. Stay tuned!

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